Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thinking about Making an Offer

1982 Passport 42
Slocum42/43-Formosa 42
Designer: Stan Huntingford
LOA: 42'
Beam: 12' 10"
LWL: 34' 10"
Maximum Draft: 6' 8"
Displacement: 25,500 lbs.
Ballast: 9000 lbs.

When I looked at the gear list on this boat I realized that it met most of the attributes mentioned in Bill and Pat's Callipygia blog.  The boat was a little tired with peeling teak topsides but overall it looked solid. I could stand in the galley, stand in the head, stand in the aft cabin.... stand up straight everywhere!  I hopped into the master berth and it fit.  So did the Vee berth.
With dreams in my head I headed north back to Seattle to talk it over with Connie.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking far, looking wide

I established a top threshold of about 100k and started reading the 38 Degrees North boat advertisements.  Over the next eight months I looked at:

June 12  44 Lafitte  $ 129,900  Admiralty Yacht Sales.  Been around the world. An awkward setup with the companionway ladder leading to the quarter berths but otherwise a beautiful yacht.

July 2 - Valiant 40 "Halcyon" at Shilshole Signature Yachts - Nice boat but I couldn't stand up in the head.

July 10 - Island packet 35   $143800  Chapin Day with Signature Yachts - a very nice boat we would have bought if we had the money.

July 10 - 1987 Moody 422  $129,000   Ryan at Swiftsure Yachts - Not in very good shape.

July 17 Anacortes Looked at Jim McCarthy's 37 Irwin CC sloop "u Gotta B Kiddin"  - He was headed south in the fall and needed crew.  And we saw a Fast Passage Cutter 39'  $89K  which had too low ceilings

August 14  1986 Hylas 44 $149,900 - at Shilshole Boat show
Didn't like the low headroom in galley.

Norseman 400  $ 154K  A very nice boat!  Seattle Yachts 

August 14 Judy Nasmith showed me her Nordic 44 at Shilshole
There is another one with offer on it at Bainbridge Is. named Phantom 1980 for $ 159K  This would be a wonderful boat but too expensive for me.

We also saw Pete McGonagle's Nordic 40 at Shilshole. A good looking boat but not for sale.

August 21 - saw a Passport 40 belonging to Heidi and Kirk at Elliot Bay Marina and I really liked the layout.  A Bob Perry boat.

August 28 -46 Formosa Peterson Center Cockpit - $124k  at Diamond Yacht Sales in Blane WA was a nice boat and I wanted to put an offer on it but I held back for something a little cheaper. This boat is much like a Kelley Peterson 44, a very popular long distance cruiser.

Sept 20 - 1989 Passport 41 - Jubilee    $199k Elliott Bay Yacht Sales - just had to look.

Feb 5  Seattle Yachts -Paris Woodard showed us a Norseman 400  with Sale Pending at 125k   Nice! and a TA Shing Panda  $ 160k   Beautiful  and a Krogen 38' Cutter  99k that would have fit the bill, but it has a full keel. Interesting..

Sail Northwest - Bob Ross showed us an Avance (Swan Type) 40   119k  Sail Northwest   Not enough headroom.

Feb 6   Elliott Bay Yachts had a 41 CT Ketch  1981   54k   Old and big, with a full keel.  Then we saw a Pearson 385  65k  kinda junky, needs lots of work. Not enough headroom.

At Signature Yachts we sall a Wauquiez (Vo Kee A) Centurion 42  129k  nice looking , clean, up and over entrance to the cabin might be difficult in a sea. I really liked this one.
Saw the Valiant 40 again.. $100k  and a nice Lord Nelson 35  for $134k

Feb 10th  Spoke with Mark Gilbert at Discovery Yachts who advised me about working with Ron Gullan at Yachtfinders in San Diego.

Feb 16th .  Flew to San Diego to look at some boats with Tom O'Neill with YachtFinders/WindSeakers. 
Saw a Columbia 50 99k - Large sweeping deck.  BIG boat... too big.
Mason 43 - 129k A wonderful passage maker.  Open cockpit. Side entrance. Yum.
Morgan 41 - 75k  - roomy, clean , nice radar arch, tempting.
Cal 2-46  125k,  owner restored, good looking, but not enough headroom for me
Then Tom showed me a 1982 Passport 42 and I fell in love.