Friday, September 9, 2011

San Diego to Ensenada

Slowly and surely we've progressed towards our intended goal. After months of refit and repair we're ready to move the boat down the coast to Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico. Connie and Scott fly in on Friday. Chris and Keith come in on Saturday and we leave Sunday afternoon.

Friday, we cleaned the boat and mounted the new stern light ($99.00). Saturday, with Chris and Keith there hauling on the halyards I ascended the mast to mount a new windex and to check the anchor light/tri-color light.The windex needed at least 4 hands to assemble so I had the deck crew pre-assemble it and send it up in a bucket.  I then I fastened it to a mounting bracket on the mast cap. the Tri-color lens was cracked right between the clear anchor lens and the tri-color top lens so I called down for some duct tape to do a temporary fix.

With everything stowed on deck and below we went through our off-shore checklist and left the dock on Sunday at about 13:00.

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