Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5500 miles later

Through the southern desert states, east to Nashville, north to Illinois, then across the continent to Seattle, we've logged 5500 miles in the last 30 days.  And in all that time we've camped out 6 times, paid for 2 hotel rooms, and the rest of the time stayed with friends and relatives. I almost said "friends OR relatives" but some, if not most, of our relatives are also friends.  And that's a nice thing.

We've learned that every family has its dysfunctional elements, each household is a little bit odd, and that's the American way.  We came away from this part of the trip with renewed connections with friends, better understandings with our relatives, and an appreciation for the country of our origin. Yes, we were freaked out a little in Texas with all the religious advertising but as a friend pointed out, "They’re probably as frightened of your America as you are of theirs."  

This country is big, big enough to become four or five separate countries.  Maybe it should be.  Folks might feel more at home with their country and their government.  Let's see, perhaps Dixie States of North America. Eastern Seaboard Colonies, Middle America, and Cascadia would be appropriate.

It's been a long time since we've shopped for a cheap hotel room, and our conclusion is that there ain't any.  Coming across Wyoming we got wind stormed out of a bandit camping site.  Even the cheesiest little lincoln log motel nearby was $80 with most rooms over $100.  On that particular night we drove on into the night and found a little city park with free camping. Score!  We are glad we have all our camping gear with us and we revel when we find a place to pitch the tent without opening the wallet.  One trick is to find national forest land and then a gravel road.  Just go a half mile off the pavement, look for a flat spot, and you are all set.  We've found several such places on this trip and they turned out to be wonderful camping spots.  
Bandit camping in the national forest

After making it to Seattle, and getting back into communication via email and phone, it turns out that the boat will not be ready this week but will take another two weeks.  So I rescheduled my flight and Connie and I are spending a week in Seattle and a week in Olympia before I hop on a plane and go south to splash the boat.  

If all goes well, I'll be back later in July for a little sailboat trip we've planned to the San Juans.  Then in August we'll be looking for something to do.  So if you've got a little cabin in the woods, or a ranch out on the flats, or a penthouse in Vancouver that needs house sitting, give us a jingle.
Solstice parade in Fremont

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