Friday, December 20, 2013

La Cruz revisited

Bandaras Bay, whale sightings, rough seas, and arrival at Punta de Mita.  Caught a big black fin jack then threw his exhausted self back.  Later lost the same lure to an unseen monster fish.

Slept in the rolly anchorage at Punta de Mita then had a wonderful sail into La Cruz.  Now ensconced here in the bay, with "sneak" internet off one of the beach-side hotels.  Getting Scuba certifications this Sunday at Chico's and taking the HAM exam at the end of the month. 

Connie points out the clogged holding tank vent
We are suffering the saga of the holding tank in the head.  We thought we'd emptied the tank in route, out in deep water but the outlet must have clogged so as we used it daily we finally filled it up so much that it clogged the vent at the top and put the whole shebang under pressure.  When we loosened the cap on deck it spewed.  Uck!

We went to the marina and got a pump out but now I have a holding tank with both the air vent and the outlet clogged.  Having problems getting access to both.  So we spend our days studying Scuba and radio and ripping out paneling in the head.

Each morning Connie takes the effluent out into deep water in the dinghy and dumps it.  Oh it is a grand life!
Santa is a little warm in his heavy coat.  Scott cools down with a lovely Negra Modelo

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