Monday, March 10, 2014

Set Sail! A song by Connie

Inspiration comes when it comes and when the muses call I listen. This song happened while at anchor in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle reminiscing last year's cruising journal. Overnight passages are a perfect setting for making poetry. It was from those passages that many of these concepts arose. I hope you enjoy the words and the next time I see you ask me to play the song.

Singing with Jerome at Octopus' Garden in La Cruz


 Set Sail

Where will this wandering take us?
How far is far away across the sea?
So many stars we thread our way through this darkest night;
a moonless tapestry.

And when the sun’s first light is in the sky,
we listen for those ancient songs the sea birds cry,
calling us to dance our dreams.
Here reveal by chance a future.
The real world seems much closer.

Set sail! Set sail!

Traveler riding that wind, full and by with Ezrah, Scott and Connie on board
Riding the restless wind
our wayfaring wings are spreading full and by.
Time is eluding us, no worries intruding as our hearts take flight.

And as the sun dips slowly in the sea
Sunrise in Bahia Chamela
setting fire to pool all red and tangerine,
we drop anchor with a sigh.
Solitude and quiet find us.
The lure of land no longer binds us.

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