Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Up in Kalopa on a short break from the sea

We are staying here in Kalopa for a few days to relax and get our crew scheduled for the crossing to Puget Sound in July.  We're hoping to pick up crew in Honolulu on about July 8.  So I'm cruising web sites such as Crewbay.com, Ocean Crew, Latitude 38, etc...

The boat is in great shape. We are proud of her.  The new sails have such good shape, the new Beta engine is steady and reliable.  I think that Stan Huntingford designed the Passport 42 for this kind of sailing.

I'll be shopping for new jib sheets.  It's amazing how constant use can chafe a line over time.  This time I'll up the size to 1/2 inch.  The new sheeves are installed at the masthead.  I've got a new little buzzer for the AIS alarm and a new GPS antennae for the AIS also.  Other than that, we just need to provision some more and we are ready for the sea.

Next week we will round the big island to the SE and head over to Capt. Cook area.  Then work our way up the west coast to Honokohau to fill up on diesel then north to our jump off point at Nishimura Bay.  Cross to Maui, Molokai, then Oahu and the Ala Wai Harbor.  Depending on the timing and our crew's needs we'll leave for Puget Sound from there or continue over to Kauai to wait for our weather window.

I've found a new web site that uses the same model as WindyTY.  It's at FastSeas.com.  I programmed in our boat information and it calculates the best route determined by predicted winds.  As you sail, you send updated location reports and it recalculates your course as the wind and weather changes and then sends you back a text file you can import that shows you the updated course.  Right now the Pacific High is kinda strange, all spread out north of Hawaii.  So perhaps FastSeas can help us negotiate a way to sail around or through the high, wherever it is when we depart July 8th or so.

In the meantime, we are staying up here in Kalopa at Eric and Jean-Marie's beautiful house and are totally enjoying every minute of it.


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