Monday, August 8, 2016

Seattle Bound Day 9

Special day for me today as it is my birthday! Blue blue sky with fluffy white patches of cloud drifting overhead. The same little fish is riding our bow wave - has been now for three days and nights. About 15 inches long, slender, brown with white vertical stripes. Hitching a ride to the Salish Sea.

We are not quite half way home, still skirting the big high pressure zone. Our router says we have 13 days to go on a 22 day passage. I guess we've been lucky, the engine has only been on 55 hours thus far. Other boats we've been following on the radio have been motoring a lot more. Our scheme is to only motor when we cannot keep up more than 2 knots of speed under sail. Thus far our slowest sailing has been about 3 knots.

If someone feels like it, post a comment on my facebook that I'm spending my birthday in the vicinity of Latitude 40 degrees north, longitude 158 degrees west.

We cracked the last melon today, all we have left for fresh veggies are a 17 apples. Still got potatoes and onions, etc.. and of course, the bilge is full of wine.

Maybe tonight I get to have some of that wine with my birthday dinner which is rumored to be pizza. Glorious pizza!

Scott, Connie, and Randy

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  1. Happy Birthday Scott! May all your wishes come true; may the skies be blue and breezes enough to fill you sails.

  2. H A P P Y H A P P Y H A P P Y ! ! !

  3. Happy bday old man in the sea! Glad the voyage has settled down, sounds like you're enjoying it. Enjoy that pizza with some of that great red bilge wine! That striped fish on your bow wave is probably a pilot fish, have been known to follow (or lead) boats all the way across oceans, and often follow sharks so watch out when you dump the leftovers overboard!