Monday, April 26, 2010

La Paz

Reluctantly we made our way back to La Paz and managed to dock the big boat without losing our damage deposit. Everyone was worried that I'd run her aground but I kept my eye on the depth sounder and waited for Bernie to retrieve his hat he lost as he took the whaler in before I docked. We removed our stores except for one very bad bottle of Sangro de Cristo. Another crew was there to take the boat for another week and we spent some time explaining the systems that we'd taken a week to figure out.

We stayed at a nice little hotel for a couple of days and wandered around La Paz getting our land legs back, debriefing. Even though the boat was a little bit cranky and the nightly winds were stressful the crew held together very well. Everyone got along. There were plenty of hands to do the work and the time was spent relaxingly well. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

Connie and I traveled together seamlessly and enjoyed each other's company coming out of the trip closer than ever and ever convinced that our trip together had just begun. The next time in the Sea of Cortez we hoped to be there on a boat of our own having sailed south from Seattle. And we hope to sail into La Paz and pick up our crew of Chris, Bernie, Lisa, and Keth....

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