Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full speed ahead

Here it is March and we've gotten over a major hurdle.  I've not only sold the house but sold some land I owned in Sequim WA.  Now we have cruising kitty! This is not a good time to sell real estate, but when is a good time? We all thought we had a gold mine in our properties till the housing bubble burst.  I was able to get out of all my properties with enough to buy the boat and have a little cash to cruise on so I consider myself fortunate. Fortunate indeed! 

Today I sent out an email to a bunch of my sailing friends here in Seattle, telling them of our plans, and seeing if any are interested in meeting up with us later to help out with long crossings or just to hang out near a warm Mexican port. Since we are cruising on a shoestring, we thought we'd offer a weeks worth of sailing in exchange for some supplies.  Crew can fly down to meet us, donate a week's worth of groceries (think wine), top off the diesel tank, and have a leisurely relaxing week on the clear blue warm waters off the coast of Mexico.  You will have your own private quarters and opportunity to sail, snorkel, cook, tan, eat, drink, and play music.

Connie and I are very excited about this next phase in our lives and are keen to share our adventures with our friends.   The clock's a-tickin.

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