Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventures in Olympia

Now don't I look, and feel, like a country bumpkin?
We are firmly ensconced here at Lorree's house in Delphi (near Olympia) where we are busily ferreting out some dry rot in the port side wall of our new land yacht named La Dolfina.  Connie has proven to be quite adept in chasing down the soft, waterlogged framing and I'm learning how to peel off aluminum siding to expose the evil rot.

We took a break to see the duet Mucho Gusto perform at Traditions Cafe for a fund raiser.  We met some other musically inclined friends there and near the end of the set, Lorree and Steve invited various singer friends to come onstage for a song.  Connie was coerced up there and her buddy Mike joined her for "La Cachita".  At that moment a photographer from the Olympian snapped the shot that would become the front page lead in the next day's newspaper.  This is all kind of funny because they were only up there for one song and it was Mucho Gusto's set! Steve got cropped out of the picture (so we put him back in, below) and neither Lorree nor Steve got mentioned in the newspaper piece. Go figure!
Stars come out in afternoon for film society fundraiser

On Friday, Connie got to join FOG (Four Old Guys) at the farmer's market having fun playing drums and singing with her old buddies from Ocho Pies and Obrador.  The Four Old Guys are Tom Russel, Paul Hjelm, Michael Olson, and Steve Luceno.  Tom replaced Connie in the last band, Ocho Pies, when she left for Mexico.  Tom actually refers to their new group as FROG.  Four REALLY Old Guys.  Connie's daughter Tesla joined us at the market then we all tromped off to Olson's for a big dinner.
Connie and Tesla at the market

Once we've finished our "minimal" upgrades to La Dolfina we'll head off to the mountains.  But in the meantime, we're in the Puget Sound neighborhood visiting friends and kicking back.  Connie wants me to get the camera out and take before and after pictures of all the dry rot in the land yacht but I'll just leave it to the reader's imagination to picture us out in the great woods of Delphi standing on step ladders, chipping away with wood chisels and screwdrivers, the sound of the jig and hand saws echoing off the douglas firs and western cedars. 

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