Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Seattle Bound Day three

What happened to day two? I don't know. We are just drifting along playing pick up sticks and drinking wine that we just forgot to post.

Not exactly.

It's been a rough first three days, kinda like or first three days out of Cabo San Lucas. A strong ENE trade wind is blowing. It's unknown hundreds of miles thick (north to south) right now. Our job is to go as close hauled as we can stand, loosing our easting a little bit, until we come out the other side. Then we can try to head east toward home.

Nothing but snacks and quick meals so far. We are on 3 hour watches around the clock. Most of the time it is too bouncy to read so I spend time looking out at the horizon.

Only two things have broken this far. The stern anchor bracket and the entry way screen door. We are all in pretty good spirits, knowing that once we've crossed this blast of NE wind it will be more gentler sailing.

We are watching other boats ahead of us waiting for them to report calm seas and light winds.

We are not missing the crazy political theater going on in the good ole USA.

Scott, Connie, and Randy

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  1. Sending you all a bunch of sunflowers! Hang on ~ though I must say this political theater makes me feel like I'm in the roughest seas imaginable. Are you sure you want to land here?