Monday, September 5, 2016

Labour Day: Canada, Port Hardy

Tiny entrance, with small trawler looking on
Yesterday we crossed poked our head out of the inside passage for half a day and transited the waters of Queen Charlotte Sound.  Rounding Egg Island we found the feared Cape Caution with no wind and a light swell running from the west. Dinner time found us nosing into the Walker Group Cove with it's 50 foot wide entrance choked with bull kelp.  I gave the engine a little bump to get the speed up to 3 knots then put her in neutral so she could glide right through without sucking any of the kelp into the propeller.  Inside the quiet waters we glided right by a mini trawler perched in a small indentation.  With Connie and I high fiving, we must have woken the skipper who came on deck to glare at us as we drifted by.  I yelled out, "Wow, that was fun." He just fixed us with a grim scowl on his face.

We dropped the hook.  It set well the first time.  Connie took fresh bread out of the oven and put in the cookies to bake.  We had a hot meal in a warm cabin followed up with a half a movie and early to bed.  Up and gone at 07:00 the next morning, we glided through another tight entrance to come out into the channel, dodging a cruise ship and a tug before heading over to Port Hardy. 

Now don't I look like an old crusty sailor?  The monochrome effect adds some age too.
Environment Canada reports gale force winds in Queen Charlotte Strait today so we'll just hunker down here, replenish the larder and the liquor cabinet, and resume our trip south tomorrow morning.

Send us some sunshine, will ya?

Scott and Connie

Strong wind warning in effect

Queen Charlotte Strait

Issued 10:30 AM PDT 05 September 2016'
Strong' winds of 20 to 33 knots are occurring or expected to occur in this marine area

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