Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jordan Series Drogue Sold

Sold the drogue - 125 cones - 365 ft long - for up to 25,000 lb sailboat    $350.  It went fast after posting it on the Cruiser's Forum.    We got it in Mexico at a swap meet back in 2015 and I think we paid $350 for it there.

We added twenty more cones and some line to bring it to the length needed for our heaver boat.   Now it's sold to someone who is planning a trip to the South Pacific.
Never deployed, but has been with the boat for two years while we crossed from Mexico to Hawaii to Alaska.  Source was a
SailRite kit. Has heavy duty shackles, stout bridle, 365 ft of 5/8 to 3/4 line.  All new materials. All done to specifications.  Sized to fit our boat which is a Passport 42 ft at 25,500 lb.  I attach a 25 ft chain to the end as an anchor/weight.  Probably don't want me shipping that part.

Located in the Seattle area.  This thing is heavy (65 lb).


  1. Hey Scott, I am interested in buying the drogue. Like, "done deal" interested. Calling me would be best we to contact//Alan 917-701-7625

  2. Very nice sewing, looks very good but I have a Flicka 20 so it's a little big for my boat.