Sunday, November 25, 2012

Los Cabos complete

About 800 nautical miles later we are at Los Cabos in an fancy marina at San Juan del Cabo.  We took about 11 days to do the transit with multiple days at sea and only three anchorages on the way south.  The boat held up much better than the crew and we're coming away from the experience with confidence in our craft and confidence in our ability to handle wind, waves, and weather.

We'll take some time to get some pictures together and do some writing for a good blog entry soon.  Just wanted to let our listeners know that all is well and we are very happy, healthy, and just a little smarter than when we left.  Being an unemployed sailor is so much more work than being an employed worker bee in cold rainy Seattle.   

Just had to get in that dig about the rain.  You don't want to know how it is here.....  Life is sweet.
On the beach today at San Juan del Cabo.        Photo credit: R. Linde.     Model: C. Bunyer


  1. Congrats --- glad to hear everything went well & look forward to the pictures! Smooth sailing!!! -nikita.

  2. Very cool! ...and warm! I'm glad that all is well! Love, Daneen