Sunday, May 8, 2016

Follow us across the Pacific

We are cleared by customs, cleared by the port captain, and only have to get clearance from Connie who will decide if we have enough provisions to make our 22 to 30 day transit.

Our friend Scott Tobiason is aboard and has brought a tracking device.  Once we have departed, on Sunday, you can track us here:

The checkout here in San Jose del Cabo actually went pretty well.  When we reserved our slip here at Puerto Los Cabos they said we could clear the country from here and that they would help us.  The detail they didn't mention is that it would cost us $250 USD.  "Can't we just do it ourselves?"  "Sure, but you won't save much money."  Not true.

Urbano Bus from marina to San Jose del Cabo:  12 pesos each
Subur Bus from SJdC to Cabo San Lucas:  30 pesos each
Walk two blocks to Immigration.
Wait for the man, talk to the man, joke with the man, get our clearance paper stamped.  No charge.
Walk across the street.
Catch the Subur Bus from CSL to CJdC.
Walk to the Port Captain.
Walk two block to the bank to pay 350 pesos fee.
Return to Port Captain.  Stamp, Stamp, Copy, Stamp, shake hands.
We have our Zarpe!
Celebrate at local cantina with fish tacos and beer.
Urbano bus from Port Captain back to marina.

Total cost   476 pesos  or $26 USD
Or $42 USD if you count the tacos and beer.


  1. Such a big adventure needs many pro-visions;
    Set your sites on open waters and sails to the wind.
    Soon you will spin tales while we all eat and drink and listen.
    And Sing! Always sing!

  2. I'm not as poetic at Susan, but so glad this is finally happening for you two (three!) Stand in awe looking at the meteors bombarding our planet on watch, and let your spirits leap along with the dolphins.