Monday, May 30, 2016

Pacific Crossing Day 11

Not much to report today. We are pretty used now to surviving on five hours or less sleep a night plus sometimes a little nap during the day. And we are getting better at making meals, simple meals but things with a little variety.

The wind has come around directly from the east now, coming right up our stern. While this "trade wind" sailing is supposed to be the bee's knees it's not. Our average speed for the first half of the crossing was 5.4 knots. Running downwind without the benefit of getting lift out of the sails is slower than we want. Right now we are at 4.3 knots and that's with the afternoon push. Of course with the afternoon push comes the afternoon buffalo and topsy turvy following sea roll. And roll we do.

Traveler gets a cadence going, port - starboard - port - starboard. Once she gets into this groove the only way to break her out is to turn down or turn up or pull in a sail or do something to get some speed on her. With speed comes stability.

To make our planned arrival date we need to keep our speed up. At 3.7 knots we arrive on the 12th. At 4 knots we arrive on the 11th. 4.3 knots = 10th. So we'll try to keep her going at least 4 knots and we'll be ok getting Scott Tobiason on the plane.

After measuring the two diesel tanks yesterday it seems like we've got an abundance of fuel. Now, when she starts a bucking and speed drops below 4 knots, we'll pull the sail tight and fire up the engine. Then by moving through the water the rolling will calm and we can all get some sleep. That's the plan at this time.

Scott is taking a bath in the cockpit. I can hear him whooping because it is a cold breeze coming over the transom. Connie is playing the uke and singing one of her new songs. I just shaved and bathed so now everyone is clean and fat and happy. Well no, not fat. We've all lost weight. BOUNUS!

Going slower.... but happier.

Scott, Connie, and Scott

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  1. Good Morning, Afternoon, or Night (depending on when you read this). I'm sipping my morning coffee reading your post and try to imagine what it must be like. I really give it up to you all traveling upon this mysterious ocean. Keep on singing Connie and strumming that uke: your voice will calm the beast that is the ocean (at least it will calm your hearts).