Friday, September 21, 2012

Fare thee well

It's started. It's done. Saturday night Ocho Pies played their last gig and today, the first day of fall, the equinox,(how appropriate) we are gone from Seattle.  We're writing this at the kitchen table with Nancy and Debbie in Ashland Oregon.  Almost in California. Not wanting to stay in hotels on the road trip from Seattle to Ensenada we opted to couch surf our way down the coast.  See:  Couch Surfing

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Saturday night the group of musicians that Connie has been performing with for the last 18 years, Ocho Pies, had their last gig.  It was a bitter sweet occasion.  We were at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park in Seattle.  Many of our Seattle friends showed up for the show.  Paul, Michael, and Steven drove up from Olympia bringing guitar, drums, and bass.  Connie had her accordion, melodica, and various percussion instruments.  Good energy but there was some sadness as they had played together for so long and had so many good memories.  A great show and memorable.

There were tears.

Then the next Monday was Scott's last day at work. Can you believe, giving up a perfectly good job to go gallivanting off to Mexico?  With help from our good friends Lindor and Daneen we emptied our little apartment with trips to Salvation Army.  And everyone cleaned and packed.  By Wednesday we were out of the apartment and Jeremy gave us our deposit back ( Thank you!) and we went to the Dekker's for the night.  Good times there with a rest day on Thursday then early Friday, today, the first day of fall, we are finally on the road.  Goodbye Seattle.

1341 Miles later we'll be in Ensenada trying to figure out where to put all that crap we brought in the car.  All those books we could not leave behind, all those clothes we won't need, and all those tools that will eventually rust and be tossed overboard.

Saturday night we're in the Bay area, crashing with generous (ex) relatives, then Sunday at Marco and Naida's in Santa Monica and then it's across the border to Tijuana and on to Ensenada. Heading south, getting warm, finding the sun.  When we left Seattle it was 58 degrees and misting rain.... appropriate.

Thank you, thank you, to everyone who helped us get this far by giving us encouragement, supporting our decision to bug out, buying all our junk, and contributing to this adventure. We hope to pay back the favor when friends come down to visit us in warm, blue waters.

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