Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marina Del Ray

Punching out the miles, pushing the little Honda south following the I-5 Corridor through the northern California hills then down to the endless hot plain of the Central Valley (the nation's salad bowl) and finally popping out into the LA basin.  We're in the Marina Del Ray area now staying tonight at Marco and Naida's house.  The cool breeze is wafting through the house and I'm catching up on the internet duties while Connie stretches on the cool wood floor. 

That little guy you see sitting in the cabinet helping us drink the ballena (translates as "whale") of Pacifico is our dear friend Monkey. He's been a fixture in our house since we've been together and was with Connie many years before that. Wise, crafty, and very loving, Monkey encouraged us to jump off this cliff and head to Mexican waters.  Right now he is our car mascot.  Soon to be our boat mascot. Expect to see more of him in the future.  

Breath in... breath out
Drink in, breath out.
 Tomorrow we drive to then through San Diego then down to San Ysidro and across the border into Tijuana.  Then south about an hour to Ensenada and we'll be reunited with our beloved Traveler.

She will be covered in grit, stuffy inside, with splintering decks, and faded canvas.  Oh Traveler, we'll not be neglecting you further.

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