Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Notes from the Connie log

Connie writes her thoughts in a notebook that she keeps by the bed.  This is an excerpt.

Waking two or three times to pee in a cup if it is still on board, or in a bucket if all is taken by the elements. Salty sheets make friction supplemented by the eight gallon hot hot hot!water tank just below the mattress, supplied by the Perkins 4108 diesel while underway.  Dual dutying as a natural in-floor heater for the back quarter below deck including the captain's quarters.  Tropical temperatures sustain a mid eighties consistently with occasional breaks provided by early morning haze from Manzanillo's smoke stacks.  Rocking rollers rarely cease but we remain relatively resilient. We play the late night game of "In search of" those sounds of knocking, clicking and pinging.  When they have been discovered and dampened, peaceful sleep will come, eventually.  It's not always a bowl of cherries, or avocados, here in Paraiso, but that would be just dull and give me not a lot to say.  So,we take it as it comes and do the best we can with a positive attitude and humor. Above all, humor.

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