Thursday, April 30, 2015

A String of Pearls

Guests off to the airport. Farewells to the Port Captain. Pesos spent on chicken and vegetables at the market. Bilge pump hose spliced and tied off. We are carried north out of La Paz bay on the outgoing tide. The pace of our life has calmed considerably as we slowly make our way north dropping anchor early each afternoon in small pristine coves. Clear green and blue water where you can see your anchor 25 feet below snugged tightly in the white sand bottom.

Morning tea in bed. Cold beer in the afternoon. Snorkeling, reading, sailing, taking our time. Ensenada Grande, Isla San Francisco, Nopolo, a lovely string of pearls stretching north along the Baja coast. Goats on the hills around Agua Verde, their bells tinkling as they head for home with the sunset. A morning stop at San Cosme to find a bubbling hot springs right at the water's edge. Not a soul in site. Naked in the middle of nowhere and finally a clean scalp and arm pits. A pleasant surprise to find the tiny Los Candeleros Chico anchorage empty. Slow three knot sailing under the big colorful sail to find Isla Danzante's Honeymoon Cove empty as well, except for thirsty bees who we have to chase out of the cabin.

Fellow boaters flocking to the Loreto Fest at Puerto Escondido leave us the choice anchorages all to ourselves. We've got a month more of this happiness until the heat of June encourages us to find a port for the summer.

This communication is sent via radio from Bee City, Honeymoon Cove, an appropriate location for this couple in love.

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